BuckoSoft XPilotNT Status Report

December 4, 1996

January 29, 1998

This page reports progress on my porting of XPilot to Windows NT (and Win95).

XPilot-11 is finally here!
You will notice that the project has been renamed from XPilotNT to just plain XPilot.
Source code is available from xpilot.org.

I am looking to hear from people who have successfully run XPilotNT on AOL and Compuserve. Also any users of Cable modems and ISDN.

If you write to me and whine that it doesn't work and you haven't followed these directions, i will silently ignore you.

Here are the XPilotNT Release Notes.



  • HOWTO XPilotNT-server
  • Party at Bucko's! Here's a picture of the server running with 4 players (and 7 robots). Weenie Joe, GG, Bundy and i were all playing.
  • Dialog box needs interface. I am hoping to get a screen dump from TKXPilot to scarf. Right now the only interface is through the pseudo-command line (just like real xpilots)
  • Status text box shrinks a little when resizing main window.
  • Question mark on Title bar is inactive.
  • You can't stop/restart the server. So i've disabled the button when you stop. You must exit and restart
  • Win95 reports to meta once at startup, but never again (while idle) even though the server is running. It does report once a player connects.
  • XPilotNT-server.ini gets written to the Windows directory and not the XPilotNT directory.



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XPilot is a cool network based game

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