XPilotNT Newbie Page

January 23, 1997

This is what should happen.
  1. Start XPwho

    You should see a window that looks like this.
    No, I didn't

  2. Select a server

    Click on one of the servers so it is highlighted. I recommend that you pick one of the ones that has people playing on it; particuarly hstud8.cs.uit.no (in Europe) or worf.ifp.uiuc.edu (in the States). These people will enjoy blasting a newbie to pieces and you won't much enjoy it, but you can verify that your network is working.

  3. Click the Join or J button

    This will launch XPilotNT and open a big empty window with the XPilotNT splash panel on it.
    The bottom line of the splash panel will tell you the status of making a connection. Try to note the last thing this line says if you write me.

  4. Tips for non-networked computers

    Marc Saric <Marc.Saric@rz.ruhr-uni-bochum.de> submitted out this tip for unwired machines. (If you dialup to the Internet)

  5. Try your own server.

    • From the Start menu; select XPilot-Server.
    • Click the Start Server button.
    • When the server is ready to accept connections, From the Start menu; select XPilot.
      This should search your local network and find your server.
    • More detailed instructions for starting a server.

  6. Write to me

    If you want to write to me with your XPilot for Windows related problems, please do the following:
    1. Run XPWho.
    2. Under the Help Menu, select Sys Info.
    3. Select all of the contents of the text window.
    4. Copy/Paste them into the mail message to send me.
    5. Run XPilot-server as stated above.
    6. Select all of the contents of the text window.
    7. Copy/Paste them into the mail message to send me.
    8. Address it to Bucko@xpilot.org
    9. Try connecting to xpilot.buckosoft.com a couple of times. Note in your mail what time you tried to connect. This makes it easier for me to look through my logs.

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