bsac Client Flyby

February 15, 2016

This page just documents some screen shots of bsac in action.


Framelist is an auto-refreshing display of the state of the frames in a project. Each frame is displayed as a pair of numbers, the frame number and the number of minutes it took to render that frame.
Note the different colors. Black are frames completed, white is in-progress, and olive is no status.
The status line contains the number of frames complete and to do. Frames Per Hour is for the whole project, lastday is the FPH for the previous 24 hours, and lasthour is how many frames in the last 60 minutes. Following is Estimated Time to Completion calculated from the whole project, the lastday, and the lasthour.

Project Control

This auto-refreshing screen displays some tables about the state of the selected project.
There are also several commands available; deleting frames that need to be re-made; Defining a range of frames to be rendered first; and selecting the method to determine the next frame to go out for rendering (Gentype).
Each project has a current key, which is the timestamp of the newest source file in the project. The server must hold this key before he can render any frames.


This screen shows an overview of all projects and servers.

Frame Display

On the Framelist or Project Control, you can click a completed frame and go to Frame Display. This displays the image generated and the text that POV-Ray generated with the frame. There is a switch to filter the display of the text to just the debug stream.
All text is very noisy and mostly useless, unless there's an error; then it's very useful.

Project Config

This screen configures the options for this project.
Of interest is Continue After Error. When a virgin project starts up, I deselect this. If there is a file missing from the project, I want to shut the project down. It can take mere seconds to get 3000 error frames. Once a frame is successful, I turn this on, because any errors are localized and it's likely that other parts of the project will render successfully.

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