Lost Cause CD Covers Art Gallery

August 6, 1997

As part of my efforts to make CDs out of my band's tapes, i have been making cover artwork for them.

Click on the picture to get a bigger version.

This is one of my favorite tapes. The picture was done using POV-Ray and a text editor.
Dog Days of August
Corel Draw 7 picture. Lots of thumbnails of dogs i found on the 'net.
Jamming With Spock
One night, Stuart was running the Star Trek screen saver. One of the sequences had Spock walking across the screen. I think he was playing his little Spock-lute. Corel Draw 7 picture.
Par For the Course
A good day of golf followed by a good jam session. Corel Draw 7 picture.
A Christmas Carol Vol I
This was the only night we made two tapes. I cheated with the cover; i already had the basic picture.
A Christmas Carol Vol II

April Fools
The tape was made April 1, 1993.
So I stepped on my guitar cord and pulled it out. When I bent over to pick it up, my fat butt knocked a full glass of orange juice into Stu's Amiga keyboard. Thus, the April Fool.
By George!
One of the last tapes made. Stuart was moving to North Carolina just as i was moving from 30 miles to 5 miles from his house. C'est la vie. This is the Gilbert Stuart picture of George.
Under Glass
As Christmas '97 approached, i started doing quicky covers. This raytrace i'll want to redo someday.
Ostlay Ausecay
Another quicky raytrace.

I have had several requests for blanks based on web searches to this page. Here are the Corel Draw 7 blanks that i use.

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