Lost Cause

December 18, 1995

Lost Cause was a band that i played in from 1981-1994. We played once a week at Stu's house. Our style was a jazz/rock/blues improvisation. Our influences ranged from classical, 70's rock, Big Bands, and the Dead. 90% of our work is instrumental.

We made a tape of every session. Typically, we would fill a 90 minute tape once a week. Recently, i have been cataloging them.

Here are the people who've played in the band.

I have 100 hours of tape. I bought a 1GB hard disk to start digitizing them. 20 minutes and 100 Megabytes later, i realized this was a bad idea.

This is an art project of my wife's. She had to do a CD cover and she chose a Lost Cause tape.

This is a short midi file. Just me and a keyboard. No editing. The piece is a variation on Tortilla Flat. Unfortunately, this midi is missing Stu's flying lead guitar.

The Lost Cause CD Art Gallery

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