XPilot5 Installation - fltk

September 9, 2001
Current version: XPilot5.0.0

These are the instructions on how to build fltk, The XPilot version. This is just a convenience. The full monty can be found at


That said, we have run into problems with incompatible versions; xpilot5 is currently built with fltk 1.1.4 I'm sure fltk 2.0 (in development as of this writing) will not be compatible at all, since the fltk developers warn of this. (We have also had problems going from 1.1.0b1 to 1.1.0b10 to 1.1.0rc5 so...)

So, first you need to fetch fltk for XPilot.

*Warning* Installing this will overwrite any existing fltk installation that you have.
Note: You don't have to make install fltk. XPilot5 can use an alternate (this) copy of fltk.

Pick a directory to build in.
$ mkdir ~/xpilot
$ cd ~/xpilot

Pick a distribution.
  1. The CVS way:
    $ cvs -d :pserver:cvsguest@cvs.buckosoft.com:/Projects/xpilot5 login
    [press return for a blank password]
    $ cvs -d :pserver:cvsguest@cvs.buckosoft.com:/Projects/xpilot5 co fltk
    (This might be a good time to fetch the xpilot5 source too)
    $ cvs -d :pserver:cvsguest@cvs.buckosoft.com:/Projects/xpilot5 co xpilot5

  2. The HTTP way:
    $ lynx -raw -source http://www.buckosoft.com/pub/xpilot/xpilot5/fltk-1.1.7.tgz >fltk-1.1.7.tgz
      or right-mouse-save-as fltk-1.1.7.tgz fltk-1.1.7.zip
    $ tar -xvzf fltk-1.1.7.tar.gz
  3. Or click here for a listing of downloadable files.

$ cd ~/xpilot/fltk
$ ./configure
$ make
optional (see below)
$ su
$ make install

If you don't have have root privileges, or you don't want to overwrite your existing fltk installation, you can build xpilot pointing to this "local" copy of fltk. Details are in ./configure --help.

In Visual C++ open ~/xpilot/fltk/visualc/fltk.dsw
Build both the Debug and Release versions for projects fltk and fltkimages.
Build the Release version of fluid if you are going to play with the RAD stuff (currently only the XPFileChooser). (While it's building, you can add these.)
Tell Visual C++ where to find your fltk distribution.

Menu: Tools / Options / Directories:

That's it!
xpilot5 should now be built
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