What makes BuckoSoft go?

May 5, 1998

These are all of the IP addressable devices we've had. (So i can leave out the Amiga and Kim-1 :)).
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name Vendor Model Aquisition Date Operating System IP Address
Processor Memory Disk Network
willa CLX 20231110 Windows 11 Pro
Intel(R) i7-13700K @ 5.00GHz 64GB 2TB SSD
Nov 2023:2023 Dick's workstation
jane Beelink Mini Pc GK55 20220226 Ubuntu 22
Intel(R) Celeron(R) J4125 CPU @ 2.00GHz 8GB 256GB SSD ?
Feb 2022: 2022 firewall. I chose this little cigarette box sized PC because it had two Ethernet ports.
alex Dell Inspiron 20211008 Ubuntu 22
(2) Intel Xeon CPU E5-2609 v3 @ 1.90GHz 128GB 1TB SSD
Nov 2021: Bought this machine used/refurbished for $1000. The Xeons are a little slow for 2022, and I bought this primarily as a Minecraft server (which is single threaded and needs a high horsepower thread) but the 128GB of memory was too much to walk away from.
bert Dell Inspiron 20210112 Windows 10
Intel i7-10700 32GB 1TB SSD
Feb 2022: I am embarrassed that I misspelled burt when I named this machine.
Nov 2023: Mobo took out the SSD on it's way out.
fred Dell Inspiron 20201014 Windows 10
32GB 2TB SSD ?
Oct 2020: Gail's desktop.
james Dell Inspiron 20170101 Windows 10
Intel i7-10700 32GB 2TB SSD ?
Jan 2017: Jake's desktop / gaming computer.
wiiu Nintendo Wii U 20160510  
Mario Kart 8!
ringo Dell 20151012 Ubuntu 14.04.2
Ubuntu 16.04.1
Intel i5-4460 @ 3.20GHz 12GB 2TB ?
Oct 2015: Another server for Chris' house. elvis is sick.
Oct 2015: Eh, elvis just needed a good vacuuming.
giphone5 Apple iPhone5s 20150827  
Gail's iPhone5s
leappad LeapPad 20141225  
Jake's Leappad
Mar 2015:Didn't survive the 3 year old...
emma acer Aspire AXC-603-EW14 20141023 Ubuntu 12.04
Ubuntu 14.04.1
Ubuntu 12.04
Ubuntu 14.04.1
Intel Celeron J1900 @ 1.99GHz 4GB 500GB ?
Oct 2014: New firewall. greta died at 23:30 on a Thursday night. Fortunately, our local walmart has decided to stay open until midnight and by 6:00 a.m. we were back online.
Jan 2015: Updated to Ubuntu 14.04.1 and bricked the network port. Reinstalled 12.04, still bricked. Bought a usb->eth dongle at Radio Shack. It was a piece of crap 10baseT half duplex thingy with tons of collisions and dropped packets. Took it back and bought a Gigaware dongle at Best Buy. All is well again. It's a shame (and ironic) that after buying stuff at Radio Shack for 50 years (hello battery club) the last thing I'll ever buy from them is the only thing I ever felt compelled to return.
gmroku Roku 3 20141001  
Gail's Mom's Roku
mbrroku Roku 3 20140913  
Master bedroom Roku
jakeroku Roku 3 20140908  
Jake's Roku
gmtv ? ? 20131014  
Oct 2013:Gail's Mom's TV
Jun 2016:Blew out the video section
cyd Asus M51AC-B07 20131207 Windows 8
Intel i7-4770 @ 3.4GHz 16GB 2TB ?
Dec 2013: Dick's desktop. Replacement for ben.
tom 20131111 Windows 8
8GB 1TB ?
Nov 2013: Gail's laptop.
giphone4 Apple iPhone 4s 20130706  
Gail's iPhone 4s
liza Gateway DX4870-UB318 20130629 Ubuntu 14.04.1 LTS x64
Intel i5-3330 CPU @ 3.00GHz 8GB 1TB ?
Jun 2013: Foxwood Road server. Replacement for ginger.
Feb 2022: I use a Pi for my firewall and it's not able to keep up. I get 10Mb/s through it, but the boxes on the other side of my firewall are nearing 100Mb/s. So I was going to replace liza with alex and repurpose the liza as my firewall. But the day alex arrived, the liza died. I guess she was jealous. And I bought jane.
brbluray LG 20121225  
Dec 2012:Master Bedroom Gru-ray player
gipad Apple iPad 2 Retina 20121225  
Dec 2012:Gail's iPad
greta eMachines 20120712 Ubuntu 12.04 x64
Intel Celeron G460 1.8Ghz 2GB 0.5TB ?
Jul 2012: Foxwood Road firewall. Replacement for ellen.
Oct 2014: Apparently this machine no longer has a hard disk in it.
bob eMachines 20120131 Ubuntu 12.04 x64
AMD E-300 780Mhz 2GB 0.5TB ?
Jan 2012: Waterbury firewall. Replacement for katie.
Jan 2012: I have switched from Slackware to ubuntu. I need to switch to a "popular" distro, and the point-and-click updates (via /bin/bash) seem pretty good.
Feb 2012: Well, katie wasn't dead so bob is an objex.com server in waiting.
Oct 2012: Hurricane Sandy came to town, so I moved my workstation to objex.com's world headquarters for a couple of days. While there, I noticed katie's disk didn't sound so good. Bob is now the Waterbury firewall.
ginger Gateway 20110103 Slakware 13.1 x64
Intel Pentium G6951 2.80GHz 6GB 1TB ?
Jan 2011: Foxwood Road server. Replacement for shirley.
Who knew Gateway still made computers? For 400 bucks, I got this 1 Terabyte, 6 Gigabyte, 3.0 GHz Core Duo box.
billy Compaq ? 20100629 Windows 7 Home Premium x64
Intel 3GB 250GB ?
Jun 2010: Gail's laptop.
Nov 2013:Or not...
cipad Apple iPad 2  
Carl's iPad
ciphone Apple iPhone 4  
Carl's iPhone
giphone Apple iPhone 3GS  
Gail's iPhone
diphone Apple iPhone 4s  
Dick's iPhone
ingrid HP Pavilion dv7 20081011 Vista Home Premium x64
Intel Core2 Duo 2.26Ghz 4GB 300GB 802.11g
Oct 2008: Dick's new laptop
Dec 2008: There should be a rule that people who make ergonomic design decisions should be forced to use the product. In this case, the headphone and mic jacks. They look very nice on the front of the machine instead of the side, which is where they are on every other laptop. The problem is that if i actually plug headphones in, then my right wrist leans on the plug, putting unwanted strain on a delicate connection. It won't be long before i have an intermittent connection to the headphones.
ben Dell XPS 630i 20080818 Vista Ultimate x64
Intel Core Duo 3.00Ghz 6GB
600GB WPN311 RangeMax
Aug 2008: Dick's desktop. Supercedes the woefully underpowered mae (A developer with 1GB memory? Sheesh)
This machine has little white/blue LEDs all over it; inside, outside, near the connectors on the back! But, i would trade them all for an LED that said when there was CD activity and/or disk activity.
I've worked at several companies where The Boss' kid was an art student at a design school. This machine suffers that fate. Form over function. It looks cool. The case slopes forward and has a "hood", so when one opens the CD drive it is hard to get the CD in and out. The flash memory slots are recessed and can't be seen or used unless one bends over and peers straight into them.
Nov 2008: The firewire interface is too buggy to use. I have two external hard drives (512MB Maxtor and 1TB WD) and a JVC GR-D770U video camera. If i plug in any of those devices, ben will blue screen after a couple of minutes of use (smells like bad interrupt management). These devices all work on mae.
Oct 2012: I was having serious swap/stall issues. Netbeans runs over 1GB, Tomcat runs over 1GB. Flash is ... well, Flash is Flash. So I up'd ben to 8GB (max for this mobo). What a difference!
Dec 2013: Ben has started locking up every 24 hours or so for the last week. Hmm, this behavior started shortly after I last allowed it to run Windows Update. (I don't do the "automatic updates". My machines stay on 24/7, I usually have 30-50 windows open, I hate sitting down at the login screen instead of where I was, in the middle of work, and I subscribe to "if it ain't broke, don't fix it").
Your days are numbered, old friend.
keanu HP Pavilion dv9000 20080619 Vista Home Premium
AMD 2GB 300GB RealTek RTL8139
Jun 2008: Gail's laptop.
May 2010: or not.
hp6480 HP j6480 20080517
May 2008: Dick's desktop inkjet printer
bruce HP ? 20070402 Slackware 11
Intel Core 2 1.86Ghz 2GB 300GB RealTek RTL8139
Apr 2007: Purchased at CompUSA to replace dying sean.
wii Nintendo wii 20070504
May 2007: Found a used one! and paid full price for it.
tivo TiVo Series 2 20070110 Linux
TCP/IP 10baseT
Jan 2007: TiVo really revolutionizes the way one watches TV.
I think the TiVo UI (that is displayed on the TV) is brilliant. The TiVo core is well thought out.
Unfortunately, the Windows PC access program (TiVoToGo) sucks. It leaks like a pig, and is some wacky non-service service that can't be restarted, only rebooted. Sometimes, when installing, configuring or changing versions, it can't find the tivo, and that is the extent of the error message. Not even a "no route to host" or "10054" helpful hint. (Well, they are UDP broadcasts, so meaningful error messages are trickier.)
I have resorted to using the built-in web server on the TiVo to download files to my PC. This is a bit clunky, and could be so much nicer. But at least i don't have to reboot my PC every two days.
And why do i have to be at the TiVo console screen to delete files??? Why can't i delete from either TiVoToGo or the web server??? Argh.
Jul 2012: Dumpster
mae HP Pavillion 20060817 Windows XP Media Edition
Pentium D 2.8Ghz 1GB 250GB RealTek RTL8139
LinkSys WMP54G
Netgear WG311T
Purchased at Walmart for <$1000 including an ok 19" flat panel.
The Linksys card sucks. It stutters. Once a minute or so it locks up for 3/4 of a second. This makes online gaming impossible.
Oct 2006: Replaced the teeny 19" 1280x1024 with a Dell 24" 1920x1200. Ahhh.
Jul 2007: Added a 23" LG 1680x1050. This is the first time i've had two monitors with different vertical resolutions. It's a little annoying.
shirley TargetPC white box 20050813 Linux (Slackware 10.1)
P4/2.4Ghz 512MB
200GB Maxtor RealTek RTL8139
The server at Laurelbrook Drive.
Mar 2006: Added a 1GB stick of memory to the box which gets seen as only a 512MB stick. TargetPC was most unhelpful in trying to solve this problem.
clint Compaq Presario X6000 20050527 WinXP Pro
P4/3Ghz 2GB 100GB Broadcom 802.11b/g WLAN (internal)
Realtek RTL8139/810x (internal)
Dick's laptop
17" Widescreen 1680x1050. He's a nice WAMP machine. He's not very good with the battery; just over 1 hour, not extendable or hot swappable; about 4 hrs to recharge. Has a brick the size of Detroit. But it is a luggable full server.
Jan 2006: There is something wrong with the charging circuit. It often doesn't work. The battery will only half charge or "60%" which is a half hour.
Mar 2006: HP says that my battery is bad. I don't believe them. They sent me a new battery (under warranty yea!) and now it all works again!
Jul 2012: Dumpster
frank SAG Electronics 20020131 Win2K Pro
Dual Xeon/2Ghz 2GB 73GB SCSI 160
80GB SCSI 160
Intel PRO/100+ (PILA8470B)
Jan 2002: Dick's development workstation Jan 2002 -
Dual head ATI Radeon on a Sony 24" 1920x1200 and ATI Rage 128 on a Princeton 21" 1600x1200.
Jul 2012: Dumpster
bing Yeeha Mall 20010825 Linux (Slackware 7.2)
P3/1Ghz 128MB 30GB IDE
Aug 2001: Linux desktop. Rex never worked out because he crashed every 3-4 weeks. So i replaced him with this $500 machine.
Dec 2004: Database server and backup at Chris' house.
Oct 2007: dead.
Jul 2012: Dumpster
thomas Yeeha Mall 20010825 Win98
P3/1Ghz 128MB 40GB IDE Netgear 108Mbps 802.11g (WG311T)
Aug 2001: Carl's machine.
hugh Compaq Presario 20010503 Win2k Pro
P3/850Mhz 128MB 40GB IDE
May 2001: Marlene's machine. Although Spenser was still running reliably, she complained that it took 10 minutes to load QuickBooks
barney Dell 20010315 WinME
P3/1Ghz 128MB 40GB IDE Netgear 108Mbps 802.11g (WG311T)
Mar 2001: Audrey's Machine. The three year old has the fastest computer in the house.
sean SAG Electronics 20000818 Linux (Slackware 10.1)
Dual P3/933Mhz 512MB 73GB SCSI 160
Aug 2000: Dick's Win2k Workstation; August 2000 - Jan 2002.
Sean suffered a massive failure on the SCSI disk. Since i had to recreate my system, i thought i would do it on a new machine (frank).
Feb 2002: sean becomes the web server.
Jun 2005: Chris noticed in the logs that a Maxtor disk was failing. So a 60GB disk ($40! at Staples) was dropped in and the machine reformatted as SuSE.
Nov 2005: Chris noticed sean was hacked! grrrr. i reformatted the machine again as Slackware because i find it much easier to maintain from a shell prompt.
May 2007: Dead to me. sean still wheezes, but why bother...
Jul 2012: Dumpster
orson Dell Insprion 6500? 20000119 Win2k Pro
P3/550Mhz 256MB 18GB Xircom 10/100/56Kb
Netgear 108Mbps 802.11g (WG511T)
Jan 2000: Bigum Laptop. 1280x1024 15.4" screen. Very nice, it's the most stable NT box i have. I wish i could figure out how to make it not suspend when i close the lid though; that is a very annoying habit. It's not enough to have a suspend key on the keyboard, a suspend Start menu option, and a suspend button in the mini-task tray. No, we still have to always auto-suspend. For extra fun, start a shutdown and then close the lid; it really confuses the poor devil. Oh, Dell's expert technical advise was to clip off the lid switch with a pair of fingernail clippers.
Pictures of orson. The reason i don't look happy with my new expensive toy is because Dell wouldn't sell me the machine with a DVD player when i told them i was installing NT. "But M$ wants me to run NT and they want to ship me software on DVD. I don't care if it plays movies. Fine, put Win98 on it." (being a pawn of Bill, no operating system was not an option). I thought i would check out a "factory installation" and in the picture i am considering sending the piece o' crap back. Installing NT changed my mind.
Orson spends most of his time in the closet. Since i can't close the lid, i leave him in there and use pcAnywhere to drive him.
Nov 2001: Installed Win2k. This was like a near orgasmic experience. Everything went *so* smoothly, and the installation figured out the optimum settings for *everything*. I liked Win2K on my desktop, but Win2K on a laptop absolutely rocks! I can close the lid! I can plug in strange devices (Sandisk Compact Flash Card Reader, Nikon Coolpix 995) and they just start working. And the coolest thing is i can suspend it at home, plug it into an alien network, resume it, and it re-DHCPs itself. No more bitch slapping the TCP/IP stack.
Jan 2004: New battery.
May 2005: semi-retired by purchase of clint. Marlene occasionally uses orson wirelessly in the kitchen.
hp4000 HP 4000 19981230
Really fast laser printer (well, faster than a HP550C deskjet :)
katie London Computers 19981116 Win98
Linux (SuSE 8.2)
P2/450Mhz 64 MB 120Mhz SDRAM 8GB WS IDE 3C905BX
Marlene's computer.
Feb 5, 1999: this computer is still on the bench. It's been sent back once already. I am up to not being able to get the network to work. And just inserting certain CDs crashes the machine. Do i want to deploy and support this puppy? At what cost?
Nov 1999: The peasants are in arms about this machine and demand something that doesn't crash so much (Quickbooks; journaling; ummm.)
Jan 2000: Away with you, filthy machine.
Mar 2001: After a year of on-and-off piddling, i got a floppy to boot Win98. It runs well enough to be my 6 year old son's game machine (not on the network). So after 2 and a half years, this machine has a useful life.
Aug 2001: I felt too guilty having my son struggle with this machine, so he got thomas and now katie's primary duties are to hold drinks at the game table.
Dec 2003: Installed SuSE 8.2 and turned this machine into a solid rocker. Katie has now replaced hole as the network firewall.
Jun 2004: katie protects the buckosoft 10.10.20 network at Waterbury at my friend's 2MB/s 9 static IP DSL house. A third leg also connects katie to the objex.com (192.168) network.
Oct 2012: Retired in favor of bob.
rex SAG Electronics 19980612 Linux (Slackware 7.1)
WinNT 4
Dual P2/400Mhz 256MB 120Mhz SDRAM 9GB Ultra Wide 10K RPM
(2) 40GB Maxtor IDE
Jul 1998: Dick's NT Workstation
Aug 2000: Linux KDE (Kickass Desktop Environment)
Apr 2001: Another Western Digital hard disk failure.
Oct 2005: Dumpster
spenser AMS Tech 19970925 Windows 95
P/233 48MB EDO 3.1GB Megahertz XJ10BT Slow
Laptop. At the time i bought this machine, AMS had the only 233Mhz laptop. The only problem is that nobody has aftermarket parts for this machine, like batteries, and AMS Tech charges top dollar for the aftermarket stuff. My next laptop will be one of the big brand names.
Jan 2000: Marlene's main machine. Slow, clunky, and runs Quicken and Quickbooks well.
May 2001: retired due to purchase of hugh
duke Comtrade PC 19970209 Linux
WinNT 4
Dual PPro/200Mhz 128MB EDO 3.0GB SCSI
2.4GB WD
6.1GB WD
8GB Seagate
3C905-TX 10/100T
Dick's Primary development machine from 2/97 to 6/98
Now he is one kickass Linux box. Duties include: primary Web server; mail server for xpilot.org; MySQL server.
Jan 2000: The 2.4GB Western Digital disk died a noisy death. Fortunately, this disk was just swap space and scratch area. Dropped in an 8GB. Ya know, the case on duke is still one of the best i've used. A nice 3 piece panel case instead of that stupid one piece "U" shape molded steel thing that needs 3 hands to attach.
Oct 2005: dumpster
cary Tiger Direct 19970101 Linux 2.0.33
Cyrix C6/120 (no fan!) 64MB EDO 1.2GB WD IDE
Junk NE2000 compatible (works good)
Mailling list server. Backup Web server.
I bought this machine with 64MB RAM and wanted to drop in 64MB that i had laying around. Unfortunately the motherboard doesn't support 4 32MB modules! It supports 4 of 8, 4 of 16, 2 of 32, or 2 of 64. I complained to Tiger, since i specifically mentioned i wanted to this, but they claimed the machine wasn't broken and refused to do anything. Then i complained to the Florida Attorney General. I guess a lot of other people complained too, because they've changed their name to PC Connection or some such.
Nov 1999: cary is on loan to a friend who's sparc died. Although basically a private server, he can be seen at www.objex.com.
Dec 2005: this machine is still running strong at www.objex.com.
May 2007: Retired in favor of bruce
kate Ohio? 19960820 Windows 95
AMD K6/233Mhz 32MB EDO 1.6GB WD IDE 3C590
Marlene's machine.
carash CA? 19960426 Windows 95
P166 32 MB EDO 3.1GB WD IDE 3C509
Dick's Primary development machine from Jun '96 to Feb '97.
May 1998: Now he is used to burn CDs. (No drivers for Philips CDD2600 for NT)
July 2001: Dumpster
sarah Jade Electronics? 19930910 Linux 2.0.13
1.2GB Quantum IDE
Mail and name server.
sarah started life as a late blooming 386 which you can read about here
sarah has also spent a year routing our PPP traffic to the Internet.
bucko JBC Systems 19930112 Win 3.11
i486/33Mhz 8MB EDO RAM 340MB WD IDE
1.2GB Quantum IDE
3C509? coax
Test machine.
Bucko was dick's main machine from Jan '93 - Jun '95.
Bucko came to live with us in London. (I can't pay bills without a computer)
Now, he is the only computer to spend the bulk of his time turned off.
hole Livingston/Lucent Portmaster PM3 19970215 ComOS
none 10baseT
Internet Router.
Hole, as in hole in the wall. Hole connects the BuckoSoft office to the Internet via a 64Kb Frame Relay Line.

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