Yet Another Minecraft Editor

January 23, 2019

Yamce is Yet Another Minecraft Editor.
This one is a native Linux application written in Qt/C++.
It reads and writes Minecraft 1.13 files.

I had tried NBTExplorer but it is a .NET Windows app. I installed the mono .NET wedge for Linux, but it still didn't work.
On the flip side, I'm now getting regular 1GB Mono updates, so, yay.

Plus, I kinda wanted to write my own.

I needed an NBT Editor because of a bug where removing banners from maps and restarting the server results in the deleted map banners reappearing.

I wonder if I should split this into two separate tools, because they have different operating requirements.

Yamce has two operating modes:

  • Editor - Minecraft should be not running. Otherwise it may just overwrite your changes, or maybe read only some of your changes, which would be worse.
  • Live Updates - Minecraft should be running for this to function.