XPilot5 Release Notes

May 24, 2004
Current version: XPilot5.0.0

After about 20 releases of XPilot5, i decided that i had better start keeping release notes for each version. Thus, the late start here:

XPilot-5.0.0 - January 7, 2007

Package: With little fanfare, i release XPilot 5.0
I stopped working on it years ago, but a couple of us still used it regularly.
We've actually been working on some robot stuff lately, and i decided i should release this stable version before we go much further.

XPilot-5.0.0a9 - May 24, 2004

Client: Splurk is a player who experiences random lockups. Initial analysis leads me to believe that the client is closing his socket (probably due to an error). All i get is a ECONNREFUSED error on the server (after he has played for many minutes).

Unfortunately, i can not duplicate this problem.

There is a new client command in Windows which displays the text window (the window that is displayed when the client first starts up). Press KP_1 (the 1 key on the keypad) to activate the Show Stdout command which toggles between the game window and the text window.
Any error messages that occur will be displayed in this text window.

So, Mr. Splurk, when your client freezes up; press KP_1 and copy/paste the text into an email and send it off to me. Thank you.

Server: There is a new option (default = yes) which shows who each player is locked on. The Show Locks option controls this feature.

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