XPilot5 Features

September 20, 2001
Current version: XPilot5.0.0

XPilot5 is the name of the product.
It is also the name of the main control program that centralizes all XPilot related activities.
All XPilot activities are now accessable from within XPilot5 (start/stop servers, edit user settings, connect client to server) and organized under the four main buttons.

Local Server
Here you control the XPilot server running on your PC.

  The file chooser previews the maps while you select one to run on your server.

  XPScoreServer handles a database of player's scores.

  There is a gui server run-time configuration tool. Right now you can tweak all of the options. A future enhancement will allow you to actually edit the map while it's running and you're flying in it.

Internet Server
Here you connect to, and play at, other servers on the internet.

Lan Server
Here you connect to other servers on your lan. (currently disabled)

Private Server
Here you manage connections to servers that don't report to the meta server.
This is useful if you are behind a corporate firewall and want to play with your lunch buddies.

  There is a new map editor written over fltk. This means one map editor for both Windows and Unix.

  XPilot5 is also a ship editor.

  ClientSettings allows you to configure the look and feel of the game.

   XPKbConfig is a key command tool, which will replace the keys window with something that was inspired by this.

The client and server both now use a firewall port list. So you can give a list of ports like 53,80,15345,16000-16999,50000-59000.
When paused, any player that you are watching appears in the score table as if you've declared war on them. This lets everyone know who you're watching.
The C++ port of XPilot
XPilot is a cool network based game

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