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August 10, 1996

This site is Lynx friendly.

Originally, the Web was envisioned as a place where people could exchange ideas. It is rapidly evolving into a place to sell something. And where there's selling, there's marketeers. And marketeers like graphics.

Don't take me wrong, i like graphics too. (I have no artistic skill, but i love to raytrace.) But there comes a point where a 120K GIF file is not necessary to convey the exact same information that 80 characters of text could.

For example, I actually shop here. Their front door could look like this:

Welcome to

But instead, one gets these two HUGE graphics that contain the above two choices in it. In fact, the graphics are mostly text! This is overkill. over over over. kill kill kill.

I admit, Netscape 3.0 with all of its bells and whistles can usually be found on my desktop, but i've learned that CNN is a much better read in a big lynx screen.


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