May 23, 2011
Current version: jIBS 0.5.3-bucko.6

jIBS is a servicable clone of the fibs server.

It allows me to work on my fibs toys in my own sandbox instead of having the fibs bots bark at me for finishing games. It also allows me to resign matches and reject doubles without affecting my real rating. :)

Unfortunately, it has a couple of problems that needed fixing, and Axel seems to have moved on.
(I reported one problem in 2008)

Changes I've made:

  • Mavenized project layout
  • Distribute product as a stand alone jar.
    • Run it with: java -jar jIBS-0.5.3-bucko.6.jar
    • Database resides in the user's home tree; outside of the code base.
      • Sets itself up. No muss, no fuss, just run the jar.
  • Add cascading properties. Read from the jar, then user data area, then command line.
  • Remove all warnings.
    • I hate warnings. -- It's a warning. It wants to be fixed.
  • Flesh out watcher messages.
    • Things like end-of-game, resign and double messages.
  • Lots of little bug fixes.
    • points won includes double cube.
    • Resign for 4 points in a 3 point match ends the match.
    • Fix spelling to more accurately reflect what FIBS sends.
      • You win 1 point. not You wins 1 points.
    • Send messages in the same order as FIBS.
      • Send the move message before the resulting board.
      • Although it would be nice, FIBS does not send an initial board when you start watching the middle of a game.
      • etc. etc. etc.
Download latest Java executable jar file: jIBS-0.5.3-bucko.6.jar
Download latest Windows source: jIBS-0.5.3-bucko.6.zip
Download latest *nix source: jIBS-0.5.3-bucko.6.bz2
Browse directory: download/
fetch via CVS: Instructions
That wacky Java API: Javadoc
A Web view of the source code: cvsweb
Source code statistics: statcvs
More source code stats: statcvs-alt
Maven generated docs: maven-site
Known problems: bugzilla

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